Christmas Volpe Style


Merry Christmas! While these well wishes come a few days post the 25th, they are still filled with cheer, egg nog, and tons of Holiday baked treats.20131230-100923.jpg December has been quite the festive month and we are just now wrapping up all of the Christmas activities. We were lucky enough to spend many days during the Christmas break with family and friends both in Georgia and Texas. My Uncle and Aunt live in Texas so it was fun to fly out there for a few days with Conner to be able to show him just how “weird” Austin is. Now don’t go thinking I am calling my family weird… Austin’s slogan is “Keep Austin Weird”


20131230-100756.jpgWhat a great time we had exploring and spending time with our families. I hope your Holiday vacation was filled with relaxing moments, love, and good food. Time to go soak up the last few seconds of the Christmas vacation before returning to the everyday routine.


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