Workin’ On My Fitness

This summer we set out to be healthier, live better, and do great things with our bodies. I can tell you that after 159 days of putting in the hard work, we can feel and see the difference. This post is not to toot our own horn, however to answer questions that a lot of people are beginning to ask us.

This is us 176 days ago.

House pictureHave you lost weight?

Yes. As of 11/25/2013 Mandy has lost 53lbs and Conner has lost 66lbs.1441480_604149468845_1604349840_n

What made you start losing weight?

M- Well, honestly, it was disgust. The story goes that June 2nd I was fed up with how I felt, looked, and knew I had a whole month of no obligations. Maybe it was a mixture of books I had been reading, a steering from God that I knew was brewing, or hatred for what I had allowed my body to become. Honestly, I can’t pin point exactly, but truly the combination of all of those things got me moving on day one. Two days later, Conner joined me (which he has his own reasons), but I will tell you that 159 days of commitment wouldn’t have lasted this long without his support, encouragement, and our commitment to each other.

C- I started wanting to lose weight when you did…my competitive nature kicked in. I was also determined after i stepped on the scale for the first time and realized i had ballooned up to 260

Really, you just started? There wasn’t a hidden agenda??

Nope. Just started. No health issues like high blood pressure or diabetes that we were aware of. Looking back, I wish we would have consulted a physician before starting to see exactly how bad it was. We will never know except for the side by side pictures. I can guarantee you there were probably things wrong within our bodies, but since we just “started one day” without a plan- there was no visit to the doctor.

What work outs do you do?

During the summer, we swam a lot. I did water aerobics. I have issues with my knees so I avoided running like the plague in an effort not to get discouraged or hurt myself to early. Our workouts look a little different now that it is the fall, the neighborhood pool is closed, and it is getting colder. Conner is a beast at running stairs. Like all the time running stairs. I love Zumba or dancing. We mix it up a lot by doing group fitness classes, working out at the gym while traveling, or working out in our home “shredzone”. More on that in another post. I can say that we are now running more. Conner has always been good at running. He loves running the Peachtree Road Race. I enjoy walking. I have started running, now, as I feel my legs are stronger and my knees are not as irritated. I won’t run 7 days straight, I would rather mix it up to give my muscles a break. This is just a small glimpse of what we do.

bikeDo you track it at all?

Yes. Tracking keeps us accountable. We LOVE My Fitness Pall, or “MFP”. We treat it as a currency. So questions like “How much will that hamburger cost” isn’t a matter of we have a enough cash, but rather enough point/calories to indulge in said meal. We track everything and hold each other accountable even if it was just a sip of hot chocolate rather than a whole cup. As I say to Conner “You can try to cheat on not tracking, but your hips don’t lie”. Thanks Shakira.

We also weigh ourselves once a week. This helps us stay on top of our choices and ensure that we are tracking everything properly, working out the best ways for our bodies, and noticing that numbers are encouraging.

How much do you work out?

Everyday. Some days are “lighter” than others, but right now as we make this a life style, rather than just a diet, we are committed to working out every day.

How do you feel?

M- Great! Stronger. I also feel like I am more aware of the healthier options or substitutes that are available when eating out. The first few months I would have a slight panic attack when knowing I couldn’t cook my own food or would have to rely on whatever a fast food restaurant could offer due to time constraints. Now, I feel better equipped to know what things to ask for so that I don’t have these little freak outs when someone asks to go to dinner.

C- Very proud and amazed at the differences I hadn’t expected.

raceWhat has been the hardest thing about losing weight?

M- At first, it was creating a routine. As I mentioned, June was pretty light on the calendar, so it was easy to make time to work out. August came, and it got REALLY hard. We had to figure out our routine, when working out fits in the schedule, and how to make healthy choices. I am a very picky eater. I have broadened my food horizons since June. I also had a hard time initially curbing my sweet cravings. I have a mad sweet tooth, or 32. Luckily, I spoke with a dear friend who encouraged me with a list of sweet treats that don’t break the “bank” and are semi-good for you. Elizabeth- you rock and truly have been great encouragement for me throughout this whole chapter whether you realize it or not. Thank you friend!!

C- Those days where it had been a long work day and I’m tired and sore from the previous day…finding motivation to actually get up and get sweaty.

You keep saying it is a lifestyle change and not a diet. What does that even mean?
We realize how “health nutty” that sounds. Sorry to be those people. Seriously though, we aren’t losing weight to gain it back. We are loosing weight to be better with our bodies and truly using it as the temples they are designed for. We don’t want to be those people who only eat carrots and celery. We won’t be the people who finish off the pecan pie, however we will be the people who try a bite. The other thing is that it has really made me evaluate how we celebrate life. We get a new job- celebratory dinner. Hard day at work- glass of wed wine. Birthday- Dinner and dessert. We celebrate life with friends and family around food. We have had to think up creative date ideas where the activities don’t center around food.HikeWhat is next?

M- I have a few more pounds to go until I reach my “realistic weight”. My challenge right now is just to find creative workouts that keep it interesting during the colder months. Oh, and to make healthy choices during the holidays.

C- I have another 20 or so pounds to go and then if want to keep exercising and getting fit. Ideally I’d like to look like Chris Powell, but for now I just want to make sure we set a strong healthy foundation for our future and then worry about gaining muscle later on.

What are tips you can recommend for making healthy choices during the holidays especially when there is travel, too many food options, and sweets?

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  1. Barb says:

    Would love to see your list of sweet treats from Elizabeth!

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