Happy 2nd Anniversary!

How sweet married life is. No it isn’t easy. Yes it is work every day. But the best kind of work. The work that really matters. I am so thankful I have this man by my side to do life with every single day. I am so thankful for the strides we take every day to not be “just roommates” but rather best friends, explorers, cheerleaders, spiritual companions, and helpers. This past week we celebrated 2 years of being married. We enjoyed a new restaurant in town that was friendly and delicious. We will be back. boxesThe highlight of the evening was going to the bakery next door, picking out dessert for the other, and surprising the other with what was chosen. It was a spin on your typical post-dinner snack and was interesting to see what we picked out for the other. Let’s just say that Conner nailed it with the macaron’s. YUM.braves

As for the weekend activities, it was filled with “sports”. I use that term lightly. We spent Saturday evening bowling and Sunday afternoon at a Braves game.bowling Yes, Conner’s idea of fun is to wear shoes worn by 1000+ other people.  Overall, it was a fun little week-long adventure.

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1 Response to Happy 2nd Anniversary!

  1. Em says:

    So fun! I like the bakery idea!

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