101 in 1001: July 2013 Update

I love summer. The days last longer and commitments seem to slow down. I love having a full calendar of what matters most, but sometimes it is nice just to slow down and breathe for a few months. July was filled with just these moments, especially since it rained 75% of the month. A lot of the 101 in 1001 progress was accomplished during vacation (Shocking!). A full explanation of that is listed here. The rest is detailed below.

24.   Go to the airport to solely people watch

44.   Try two new classes at the gym. Not only did we do archery, fitball aerobics, and bicycling this month, we also did sky-aerobics (imagine trampoline+calisthenics), yoga, cycling class, and a kickboxing class. I loved it all, except kickboxing. That class I left crying. The intensity was hard, but okay. What I didn’t like was the atmosphere. 

65.   Take a cooking class

79.   Put away $200 a month for 6 months straight. (6/6)

82.   Cut coupons and try to save some $ for 3 months. (3/3) So this one was a little unconventional for us, but worked. We try to be responsible with our money and avoid making frivolous purchases. The one thing I can’t stand is 1) Having to remember to buy the “necessities” at the store and 2) Running out of the necessities and not realizing it until it is too late. We really try to go to the grocery store only once a week, so if we don’t notice a necessity running out a week ahead, then it makes it difficult. Hello Amazon. Why I am just now discovering the awesomeness that is online shopping is beyond me, but Amazon is my new friend. I can see that I am 2 days away from running out of dog food, order it on my phone in three easy clicks, and boom- it is on my doorstep and it didn’t break my routine to have to go pick it up. We also save money (and time) this way because we can use our cash back bonus from our credit card. So nice to not have to spend hard earned money on the “necessities”. Boo for that always being a big grocery bill week when those things have to be bought. I know this isn’t your traditional “Cut coupons/save money” routine, but honestly, 2.5 years is a long time for something not to become more efficient and change over time.

Okay, 1.5 months left to crush this 101 in 1001 list. Let’s do this!

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