Master Bedroom Gallery Wall: Beach Pictures

We made a few updates to our Master bedroom a few weeks ago. The Master room is Large and In charge, which poses the question of layout and how to decorate. Even with a couch, nightstands, and a bed, there was still a ton of room. Knowing that we wanted our room to be a relaxing environment filled with fun memories, we decided to incorporate some elements of our travels to beautiful tropical and beach locations.

Here is the before picture of the space. Issues include the dresser being too small on the wall and the wall being void of any decoration. Yx_CgtcvyquzxFxgI-tRVPrT-BLQvcskLCqV1HdcR4IAfter we got the pictures printed and framed, we rearranged the furniture and now have this wonderful gallery wall that takes up a large portion of the wall.

Pwn2mIXP4mlb4ZOSnRdHjm8P73w6Z1aybdm13OrATowI love waking up to these pictures of precious moments we have had during our relationship. What have you been decorating lately?

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