May the Fort Be With You

It has been raining here in Georgia for 8 days straight…at least. Rain was not supposed to be a part of our stay cation last weekend. Luckily we got creative and had an indoor movie night to kick off the long weekend. While Conner went to the store to pick up a movie and some pop corn, I got busy on a little surprise. I was determined to set up a fort in the living room for our movie watching party. I gathered all of the sheets, blankets, chairs, ironing board, and pillows I could find. I also brought downstairs a spare futon mattress for extra comfort. This all sounds really easy as I am typing it, however there were quite a few times in the midst of this plan that I thought I was just going to give up. I may have had a minor panic attack that 1) it wasn’t going to work and I was going to have a huge mess to clean up or 2) that Conner would return home and find a big mess of nothing and think to him self “well I was gone 10 minutes and you managed to destroy the living room.

Luckily neither of these scenario’s happened and I was able to get the fort set up, complete with globe lights, before Conner returned. Here is the finished fort. Ta Da!


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