Oh the place’s we’ll go

The weekend started out as a surprise but quickly turned in to Conner knowing what was going to be happening. He knew the final destination would be to visit my little sister at Jekyll Island for the weekend. He didn’t, however, know all of the activities and stops along the way that would take place.

Stop#1 was at the outlets. Conner managed to go to 4 stores in the time it took me to go to one. He was not impressed.jJfI6hvVka-dl3T1Z9Gvwi7-Vs6ZIKHvBFGicb9AeHg

Stop #2 was to visit Juliette, GA, the site of Fried Green Tomatoes. The little town was so cute and well worth the 8 mile detour from the interstate. The locals were so friendly and the Whistle Stop café was delicious. Definitely worth the stop if you are on 85 S heading to the beach.BMoBmErBvJc7mIE5tA_F8UOjJZIgD-8Bf-R2csh8RlY

Stop #3 was the beach! Okay, well a few restroom/wake up breaks scattered in there. The beach was a lot of fun. We had a blast exploring the beach, seeing my little sister’s summer camp routine, and taking a bike ride around the island.AVpb4SzkseQc9oIjQj3TZq7l1AzeOozmk8eLxArjf4Y

Overall, a fun quick beach vacay to tie my need for being knee deep in the water somewhere for a while. Thanks Jenny!


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