Moving on Up: To the Fox Den

528223_583312665965_926991651_nWhat a whirlwind the last 5 days have been! We moved out of the hood and into our new house. Hooray! The move went great, mostly because of our pre-planning and the awesome moving company we hired. Thanks Jason Taylor Moving Company for your heavy lifting. I have heard horror stories of people hiring help for their moves. Everything from never getting the stuff they so carefully packed and loaded into the moving truck, movers holding all the stuff hostage and using it for their own gain until the return it, or even worse, showing up with all broken stuff. What a disaster. Luckily that was far from the truth of what our moving experience was like. The company was so nice, everyone from the guy who scheduled the move to the actual men doing the hard work. I am so thankful for how nice, friendly, and overall helpful these guys were! I highly recommend them if you are in the Metro Atlanta area.62643_10100488718546039_596138379_n

Enough with my PSA (I just can’t help it when I receive great service, especially from local companies!). We are slowly getting settled in and making progress on the mounds of boxes. office

The last five days have been filled with service providers coming out to set up our house for 21st Century technologies. We are still without internet/cable due to new construction subdivision issues, but we are making due with Conner’s wireless hotspot. Here is a picture from us streaming our church sermon on Sunday.Feet

Here is a tiny glimpse into the current situation of the unpacking. I focused hard on my office and Conner helped with getting the bedroom set-up so at least when we sleep we don’t have to see any boxes!547577_583525599245_1103126908_n

 We are so excited for the new adventures that will come with this house. Cheers to exploring! Follow me on Instagram to get the behind the scenes look of our unpacking. Now the fun begins to actually get to decorate and make this house our home.

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