Life is just beachy

beach photoConner told me he had an upcoming business trip to Savannah so I jumped on the chance to travel south for some sunshine and a little R&R. While Conner was at work, I walked around the city with Brinkley and discovered all of the cool parks. Most places were super friendly about dogs being around, which made traveling with a dog a lot of fun. The one thing that was not dog friendly was the beach. I didn’t discover this little fact until a Google search mid-driving. All my dreams of getting Brinkley in the ocean were foiled. Well the day after Conner finished working, we made a spur of the moment decision to road trip over 45 minutes to get to Hilton Head where they don’t mind furry friends in the sand. I was so happy to see him running crazy in the sand and sniffing the water. If Brinkley could talk, I think he would say how fun the beach was and that it should happen more often 🙂

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