Just a quick glimpse into how we celebrated Valentine’s Day this year.vday 1We had a nice dinner at home on the fine china. Yeah only took 1.5 years to use that beautiful wedding gift from our friends and family. We jazzed up dinner by making heart shaped ravioli, cheesecake with heart shaped strawberries and some wine. I was so pleased with the happy accident that was the flower shaped knot I did on the wine bottle. I was even more proud of myself when Conner came in knowing exactly what it was without me having to say. Ahh it is the little things. vday 2Conner drew this picture of our future house. The gift he got me was a really cool picture frame that one of our friends made!GIFTOf course Valentine’s wouldn’t be complete without the love of our families. Thanks for the care package Volpe’s 🙂

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