Reading Enhances Marriage

book pic 1I went to school for marketing I live and breathe marketing all day every. Conner went to school to be an astronaut. He lives and breathes technology all day everyday. What we didn’t go to school for was marriage. Of course we planned our wedding and we went to premarital counseling but beyond that, there wasn’t much prep involved in marriage. Over the last year and a half we have had to learn marriage by trial and error. For this reason it has been our goal to connect with other married people, to read books that will strengthen our marriage, and learn as much as we can about a healthy marriage. Some people may shake their heads when you tell them you’re reading a book about marriage, but for me i am learning about how to do something all day every day that I have no previous training on.
For that reason books about marriage are vital. I’ve mentioned before about the Five Love Languages, one of my favorites that still provides practical advice every day. Recently we read The Meaning of Marriage with our married small group. One of my favorite things it said was you must encourage each other in their spiritual walk. I feel this is done when you read books together that strengthen your views on how to love one another in the covenant of marriage.
 Book Pic 2
I also read Love Does recently By Bob Goff and it has rocked my world. I love this book so much because it truly shows you HOW to love someone by doing and acting. Of course it’s not a marriage book and can be applied to any relationship or friendship, but there were many points in the book that showcased how to have a strong marriage by DOING.
I am no marriage expert. I have only been doing marriage for 1.5 years, however in that short time I have learned a lot. Marriage is about growing with one another, encouraging each other, and being engaged every single day.
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