101 in 1001 Project: Christmas Surprise

We had a great weekend filled with Christmas Surprises. I had been trying to brainstorm a way to spend time together while keeping it a surprise (in the spirit of my 101 in 1001 list). Saturday morning I woke Conner up and said be ready by 10:30am and wear something festive including socks. I had a special Christmas Date surprise planned for the afternoon that was themed around the word “Pop”. I took Conner to the pop up restaurant in Atlantic Station for some tasty lunch. The place was very rustic chic but had really pretty hand lettering on the walls. HudsonWe then we ventured over to a cute pop up craft shop in the provisional district. I was so excited to see the Santa Set up and have our photos taken in the photo booth. 375391_573625973175_763026530_n

I succeeded in keeping it all a surprise as he actually thought we were going ice skating. Such a fun day being able to spend time together.

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