Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A little DIY has been happening around these parts. For starters, a few months ago we picked up a table from a yard sale that screamed “put me next to the door so you can drop your purse on me like it’s hot”. Oh yeah I went there. We loved the bones of the table, the white base, and the side drawers. Perfect for dropping the purse and using the drawers to store stamps, pens, and Brinkley goodies.As for the wall that the table goes against, I knew it needed a big statement piece. My initial thoughts were to use 9 photo frames in a grid pattern to take up the wall. The second thought was “hey we need a mirror”. I wasn’t willing to shell out a whole bunch for a mirror since I am anti buying things not knowing if they will transfer to our next abode. So after realizing that the scale of the mirror I wanted would cost at least $125, I dropped into the local Goodwill to see what gems were awaiting me. Well hot dog it was my lucky day because there was an awful mirror that had seen better days that had my name written all over it. I must have been channeling my pant color to find this mirror. Ugly, right? The mirror…not my pants.

I knew right away that fabric would need to come off. As I was walking out of the store, some lady came over to me and said “I am so jealous you just bought that”. Really? Are you kidding? Would you keep it in this state or do you see the same potential I do? Either way, you snooze you loose. Have a nice day.

So the first thing I did was Google to see what the mirror would look like underneath the fabric. I was nervous of what I was about to find. Rotted wood? Moth balls? Something creepy hiding under that hard rounded surface? Google didn’t have the answer, so I had to do some manual labor to figure it out myself. Well to my surprise it was just about a million staples. Sigh of relief that it wasn’t infested with bugs. So after many hours of pulling apart all the fabric and staples I had my handy husband sand it so that I could paint it. I was inspired by this picture frame to create the same kind of effect on the mirror.I love chevron but boy was it hard to paint. A little post painting sanding and I had a finished mirror. I am so happy with how it turned out.

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