Pencil-in Fall Time Crafting

I am older. Fall has a different meaning, slightly. I work on a college campus so it still means back to school, but it also means cooler nights, scarves, boots, football, and volunteering. I love my sorority and I am so happy that as an Alum I can give back by serving on the advisors board for the local chapter. We recently had a meeting and compiled gift bags for the executive members of useful items for the semester. I made these Pinterest inspired candy pencils. The Pin originally said to use Rolo’s, a candy. However my local grocery store did not have those so I improvised. Mentos and kisses it would be. The best part was that the Mentos were a bright pink which was perfect for the look of the eraser. Here is the finished product. I encouraged the women to “pencil in time to relax” as my word of wisdom for their goody bag.

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