Down Where the Black Top Ends

This past weekend we took a little trip down to the Serenbe Community. I have read about the beauty that is this farm land as well as seen the houses on HGTV. With no other plans on the agenda for the day, we decided to drive the 15 miles to visit the farmer’s market and eat some brunch. The community was so cute with it’s brownstone like condos and white picket fences around the homes. I especially loved the fresh flowers, farm inspired logos with a modern twist, and of course the farmer’s market. The vegetables came in the cutest turquoise baskets and had little chalkboard signs. Precious. In addition to the beautiful home grown flowers, we also got a fried apple pie. Before brunch. Yes that is how we roll. The pie was delicious and tasted like a mix between apple pie and funnel cake.

The bakery we ate at was beautiful as well. They were the winners of a recent episode of Cupcake Wars, and after trying three of the flavors, I can see why! Note to anyone venturing down to the community. Breakfast lasts until 12 and therefore there is no “brunch” option. Haha. Bacon Egg and Cheese with a side of cupcakes was our brunch. Perfection if you ask me. Asking may waistline my elicit a different response.

Overall such a great little community that we will certainly be going back to check out. Maybe next time we can walk some of the trails with Brinkley or see one of the community theater shows. Either way, I am sure it is not the last time we will visit, or the last time we will see chickens in the middle of the road.

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