Weekend Update From The Hood

Things have been a little quieter over here and let me tell you why. This weekend update is epic. By epic I mean our house got broken in to. Clearly we live in the hood. Luckily we are just renting so this is only a temporary situation for our ultimate solution. The break in news came as we were heading out of town to help my sister move back home. The situation just escalated from there as we decided to call in my parents to secure our house while we helped move my sister back quickly. Well the move turned in to an epic 2 hour mega pack session followed by multiple pull over’s on the highway due to a mattress flying off the car, a rain storm penetrating the tarp less pickup truck, and another stop to pick up my car from where it was parked for what would have been the weekend. Oh and did I mention Conner’s air went out in his truck at the same time therefore fogging the windows up every two seconds which resulted in me acting as an indoor windshield wiper?

I am only sharing this one photo in order to spare you the scary pictures of the break in, I will, however, provide you with this little VLOG that Conner created during the epicness that was our weekend.

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