Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

I saw this crafty little frame a few months ago over on Pinterest and thought it was a clever way to share words of affirmation. Knowing that is Conner’s love language has been difficult because I do not show love that way at all. haha. To me love his quality time. That is what marriage and relationships are about, though, is learning how to love one another. Well when I saw this cute daily reminder of telling someone you love them, I knew it had to be made for Conner! It was super simple since I had the scrapbooking materials on hand to create the sign.

I surprised Conner with it and he was very happy. One point for Team Wifey!  Love a man that appreciates my crafting, blogging, and decorating hobbies. Oh and a man who lets me sleep all the way through the night and doesn’t make me wake up with the fur baby. Happy Wife=Happy Life 😉

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