101 in 1001: April 2012 Update

I am almost to the half way mark in time for my 101 in 1001 project. The progress: 35 goals complete with 15 in progress of the remaining 66. Whew progress, but still a lot of great goals to go. Here is the specific progress from April:I spent some time volunteering with the two Alpha Chi chapters that I am involved in. It was a special time as both chapters conducted the alum ceremony so it was special to see so many of the young women I know move on from their collegiate careers.

I also tried a new recipe in April. The leader of our bible study small group gave me some easy recipes that I could prepare. I usually feel defeated in the kitchen, so the recipe I tested really helped me gain some confidence. It was a creamy chicken and biscuit casserole. It had canned chicken soup, biscuits, chicken, and a few other ingredients that made it the perfect casserole. The best part was that there was a ton left over for lunches and it most definitely passed the “reheat” test the next day. I think we will be adding this one to our meal rotation.


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