How does your garden grow?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, our garden is officially sprouting! I give all the credit to Conner because we all know that if I were in charge of keeping the little garden alive, then the garden would be dead. Come to think of it, the flowers I planted during our garden weekend are already dead or laying sideways in a last effort to stay alive. oh well. Here are the updates on our plant life that my personal master gardener has kept alive.The winner, by far, are the green beans. Look at how lush they are!The brocolli are close behind with their little sprouty goodness. Onions are also growing steadily. Each chive represents another layer of the onion. We use onion for a lot of our foods so I really hope these turn out great!

Jalapenos were slow to grow, but seem to be doing well now.Our indoor plants include tomatoes and red peppers. We realized we were watering those incorrectly so they actually stopped growing. They seem to be back on track now. Maybe it is because their neighbors, the herbs, are encouraging them to keep on growing. Oh moral support how I love thee.

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