Weekend Update: April 28

Our weekend was slammed packed with relaxation and fun times. We kicked off the weekend with an impromptu dinner-out. I blame it on the fact that a coupon came in the mail and let’s be honest, my husband is a marketer’s dream. He sees an Ad…wants to buy everything in it. Sees a commercial, instantly looking up on his phone how to purchase whatever was being advertised.  He is like a walking case study for all of my marketing efforts so I love him for that. Anyways, Conner checked the mail and found a coupon so needless to say dinner out on the town was 20% off. Holla!

Before dinner, we hit up the bookstore which was fun to browse books and magazines. There is something about getting lost in a bookstore that is fun to me and qualifies as a good date night. Conner picked up the Hunger games and finished it just after lunch on Saturday. Man that boy can read fast! As for me. I spent my morning scrapbooking. Nothing I love more than getting crafty. Here is a picture of a page I did about 3 years ago. I took a few minutes to reflect on pages I had accomplished before. I was thankful that that day I chose to journal my thoughts as I kicked off my senior year of college. I look back on those words now and realize how true they are and what an impact my college years had on my life.

As for Saturday, we went and saw the Five Year Engagement and enjoyed some pre-dinner dessert.

Sunday we capped off the day with our little fur baby graduating from puppy class.

Clearly the combination of dog parking and graduation wore him out because he slept for the next 5 hours.

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