Life is Happening All Around Us

Spring is my favorite time of the year. The colors outside are beautiful, everyone breaks out of their black/grey wardrobes, and the beach calls my name. On top of all of that it seems like there are always so many activities to choose from to occupy our lives. This spring is no different. We have been busy planting a garden, celebrating holidays, and traveling.


Just recently I returned from a spring break trip with my sister. I am always amazed at what a little vitamin D, quality time, and relaxation can do for the soul.

After returning from my travels, I can’t help but to smile at the boys and their ability to match.

This past weekend was fun, as well, as I spent some time catching up with college friends over queso and traditions.

Conner even joined us for the May Day festivities.

Now it is time to slow down just a little bit, maybe, and smell the spring flowers. Who am I kidding….Full speed ahead. Life is good.

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