101 in 1001: Create wedding album

The Create a wedding album goal ended up taking a couple of different routes. The first route was that I actually created wedding albums for our parent’s for Christmas. I used Shutterfly to create albums filled with our favorite memories from our wedding. As for our personal album, we actually had one created through our wedding photographer. She created the format and beautiful binding of the book.

The third route this goal took was for the cards from the wedding. I actually am not one that keeps a card unless it has a really sweet message or makes me laugh. Conner on the other hand keeps every single card he has ever received. I have come to understand that and don’t really pressure him to throw away cards. I have also come to appreciate how much a card actually means to someone. When it came to our wedding cards, it was a different story. I couldn’t just throw them away. A lot of our friends and family wrote really sweet things or gave really great advice. I decided that throwing them away was not an option so I created a card book. Of course I found an idea for the book online, and then used my scrapbooking supplies to create the card contraption. It was actually a really simple project that I was able to complete one night as Conner was cooking dinner. I obviously used the color scheme from our wedding and even used some of the ribbon that was on my bouquet.

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