101 in 1001: Create a shadowbox of wedding mementos

This goal was actually done for me. A pleasant surprise was when my mother in law took our wedding invite, some flowers, and ribbons to create a shadow box from our special day. I love how she created the box and now I display it proudly in my office.

Here are a few other glimpses into my “lady cave”.

You will notice one of my favorite pieces of furniture- my scrapbooking desk that my handy husband custom built for me. I wanted something that could house my 12×12 papers plus my bins of supplies and he made my dreams come true. He actually built this for me a few years ago when we first started dating so that I could have it in my dorm room.

You can also see the chair I recovered with the lyre on it. That was a super easy project since I only had to pop the seat off, cut down the fabric, and then staple it to the chair. Actually that whole project was a recycled project. The chair was going to be tossed away and the fabric was from an old shirt that I didn’t wear anymore but I loved the pattern.I love that I have a little bit of my Alpha Chi memories infused into my happy place.

I love my little crafting happy place mainly because everything is all in one space and easily accessible.

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1 Response to 101 in 1001: Create a shadowbox of wedding mementos

  1. Amy Z says:

    love your “lady cave” and esp your lyre chair!!

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