101 in 1001 update: February 2012

This month was quite productive in the 101 in 1001 department. Here is the recap:

#3: Date a month: We have been going on a date a week this year and it has done wonders for our relationship. This month specifically we went to the Hawks Game. We normally wouldn’t go to a basketball sporting event, but we got really lucky a few weeks back and won free tickets to the game. Gotta love free things

49.   Join a Sunday School Class We joined a small group through our church. The group is made up of newly married couples and we all meet to explore God’s plans for our marriages and lives. It is perfect timing and so great to be able to connect with other married people experience the same chapter in their lives as we are.

51.   Do five random acts of kindness. (3/5) I surprised my sister with a care package this week to help her prepare for her marathon she is going to run this weekend. I am not a runner myself so after a few quick texts to a friend that runs and some internet searching, I found some goodies that could help her prepare for the race.

67.   Try 30 new recipes (11/30): We tend to get in a food routine for dinners. This then translates into leftovers for lunches. Quite frankly I have gotten bored of both of the meals so I wanted to try something different. We decided to try artichoke pasta. I was a little shy at first, but overall it was great. The pasta was really easy to make and did not require a whole bunch of ingredients. The only down side was that the pasta did not have a sauce that stuck to the pasta. Of course it had a lot of flavor because of the tomatoes and artichoke, but I would have preferred that it been a little more milky. I found the recipe via Pinterest from this blog:

76.   Go to the ballet: recently we went to the Ballet and had a great time. See a full recap here.

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