Weekend Update: February 17-19

This past weekend we were very busy. Friday night we went to see one of my friend’s new babies. So precious and he didn’t cry (that much) while I held him. It is a miracle. We were too wrapped up in chatting and hanging with the little bundle of joy to even snap a picture. As for Saturday, we spent the day with Conner’s parents picking up firewood and exploring the outdoors. I went to a local trail with the MIL and we had a great time having Brinkley explore the creek.The water was cold but he loved watching the sticks float down the stream. Personally I was thankful for the beautiful weather during the morning.Saturday evening we went to the Atlanta Ballet. I was especially excited about going to the Ballet because it was on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. The performance was wonderful and the costumes were beautiful. My favorite part was the goblins because they had so much personality and had me laughing the entire time. There were also these precious little dancers in the performance that were just a joy to watch! Here are a few pictures from our evening on the town.

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