Weekend Update

This past weekend we went to Scott’s Antique Market in Jonesboro. I had heard about the antique show for a while and really wanted to check it out! Luckily Conner wanted to join so that we could look for a few new pieces to restore for our home. While there, we didn’t see anything within our budget that we wanted, but we did find some inspiration for future pieces. Here are the findings from the weekend.

I loved the letterpress letters! I am kicking myself for not bringing cash to purchase a few!

I have a thing for chairs. **Swoon***

I thought this jewelry display was very pretty and would be an easy DIY project.

I spotted this piece from across the room. Got to love the lyre. Funny how being a member of a sorority trains your eye to spot beauty even in the common things of life.

I loved this piece because of its color and height. Not the foot stool, the bench. I liked how open it was on the bottom and would love to find a piece like this to restore!

I love finding inspiration all around me. Now to find my next piece of furniture to refinish for our home.

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