Weekend Update: Moving Day

The week just started and I am already exhausted. Moving will wear you out! Having a super bowl party at your new house the day after you move in will wear you out even more.

Overall the move went extremely well and only took  5 ½ hours thanks to the 13 plus family and friends that we had to transport our things and do some heavy lifting. As I saw the massive amounts of cars and people swarming our house on moving day I stopped to giggle in awe of how grateful I am for such wonderful people in my life. People that would give up a few hours of their weekend to help us move. People that don’t mind helping unpack boxes so that we can achieve a sense of normal life quickly. People that ask “How High” when you say Jump. People that come over to your new house the day after moving and excuse the mountains of cardboard while using the boxes as end tables. These are the people I am blessed to have surround me. I am so incredibly thankful for everyone’s help, love, and support this weekend.

Here are a few shots of the moving crew. Clearly not many pictures since I actually tried to help a little 😉

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