Weekend Update

A little late on the Weekend Update but it is for a good reason I tell ya! We have been busy getting our new home ready for move-in this weekend. Here are a  few shots from the house prep this weekend.

I came prepared to help with my pink tool set. Truth be told I was in charge of the cleaning/running after the puppy while Conner was in charge of the handy work.

Conner did a really great job with all of the projects until it came time to install shelves in the laundry room. We quickly learned where the water shut off valve was after a hole was drilled in the drain pipe.

I had a meeting on Sunday so Conner had to tote Brinkley around. He can’t be trusted at the new house by himself yet, so Conner had to leave little Brinkley in the car while he ran to Lowe’s.

The boys lounging after working very hard on hanging shelving in the laundry room.

Brinkley especially loved the new home. If he could talk, we know he would say it was his carpet wonderland. He ran all around the house like it was his own dog park. His favorite spot was at the top of the stairs.

A well deserved ice cream cone after a busy weekend.

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