Cookie Cookie Cookie Rocking Everywhere

This past weekend was a little less than exciting, but I welcomed the slow paced days to lounge on the couch and catch a few lifetime movies. Conner is preparing to graduate which means his time is consumed with Finals  and studying right now. We did manage to squeeze in some time for cookie making and decorating on Sunday. Here are a few pictures of our creations.

All of the tools and cookies being used in our decorating operation.

Various gingersnaps decorated with festive holiday graphics and text.

We had a lot of fun figuring out what should go on each of our gingerbread people. Once they were baked, they came out with their own personalities so we tried to adapt our icing skills to their shapes. My favorite in this set has to be the tacky Christmas Sweater dude in the top right hand corner. Now the next few images get a little, well, interesting so overt your eyes if you are easily offended.

Conner thought these too looked like he had a gun in his hand so he created the jail bird and the dead man. Maybe the finals studying is making him go a little nuts?

As I said the men had their own character. I thought he looked like a dancer, so I let the icing do the talking. He’s sexy and he knows it. Hahaha. Like I said, sorry to those easily offended. This next picture should bring back the cute factor.


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