Displays of Inspiration

I was doing some Christmas Shopping the other day and found some really pretty displays in the West Elm store. I wanted to share them with you as they may inspire your last minute holiday decor or even your Christmas table settings.

I really like the glittery and painted branches. A super easy way to bring the outdoors inside for a festive holiday touch. I also love the mercury candle holders.

This display caught my eye because of how the plates are placed on the block of wood. I really liked the idea of using the wood as platters or even creating levels within decorations with the wood block. For the fall, we actually took a piece of wood and placed a hurricane vase with a candle on it. We filled the vase with some silk flowers I had in my crafting inventory.

This was a Thanksgiving table they had on display, but it could also work for Christmas time since it incorporates a “rustic Christmas” look. I really like the centerpiece. I would probably add some Christmas ornaments to make it a little more festive.

There you have it for the displays that caught my eye.

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