Wedding Pictures: Reception

For the last post in our Wedding Recap we have a glimpse of the reception. I know I shared our first dance with you and some of the little details that were there, but what really meant the most to us were the people and how much fun everyone had! Everyone had a good time dancing and drinking the night away too.

Usually I am the first and last one in a photo booth. Typically the attendants have to cut me off because I am hogging the pictures. I think I only was in the booth twice. I guess that is okay because I enjoyed seeing everyone’s picture strips of them having good times.

One of the funniest moments to me was the flower toss. Of course I couldn’t see who I was throwing it too, but when I turned around to see who caught the bouquet I saw this epic situation going down. My twin sister/maid of honor was tackling the other single ladies to the ground in order to catch the bouquet. It was something straight out of Monday night football! Katie of course caught the bouquet and I was just so excited. In the midst of tackling everyone she cut her leg open and my bouquet lost the petals all over the ground. Priceless.

After the dancing, singing, fun, and picture taking was over it was time to ride away onto our downtown excursion in the Ramblin Wreck. We had a sparkler exit and once everyone lined the stair case we ran down to our ride!

I hope you enjoyed our wedding recaps as much as I did writing them. All photos are courtesy of Natosha Ledbetter Photography.  If you missed one, here is a recap:

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