Who let the dogs out?

As I mentioned before, we got a new addition to the family. Brinkley is just a 9 week old Beagle. We just picked him up this weekend and he is already getting used to his new name and environment. Anyone who knows me knows that I am anti-animals (sorry for anyone who may take offense to that). Mostly I feel this way because of the way they make me feel. I am pretty much allergic to most animals and I can’t stand the way they shed or lick you. I also don’t like the way they can’t take care of themselves and you always have to clean up after their “mistakes”. With that said, I didn’t think I would own a dog, however I must love the man I married a lot because we are now dog owners.

I am warming up to this dog because we have something in common, we both like to snuggle.

Actually that is pretty much all he likes to do. He doesn’t even like to walk outside to make his “mistakes”, rather we have to carry him and place him in the spot we want him to go. Kind of hilarious. Kind of needy. Anyways, enough with my ramblings. Here is one more shot we took together at the tree.

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