Wedding Pictures: First Dance

One of my favorite pictures from our wedding day comes from our first dance. We spent a few nights during the summer taking a dance lesson for fox trotting. This was significant because not only did it fit with the beat of “our song” “Without You” by Keith Urban, but Volpe means Fox in Italian.

(Via Natosha Ledbetter Photography)

It is funny because this is one of my favorite photos of the day because of the motion, however when I think about the actual dance I just get so mad at myself. The story goes like this, we practiced, but of course when it came time to perform I had a hard time following. I wanted to lead exactly the way we were taught, however Conner decided that  we needed to mix it up a bit and just threw in some of the dance moves out of order. I felt like the dancing was a hot mess, but then I look at this picture and I just smile since it was one of our first moments of being married. We chose a semi-popular song, so it still plays on the radio. It is kind of nice, though, because randomly it will play while we are driving and we both just smile and reflect on the day.

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