Taste of San Jose

For the second part of my trip to San Jose we take a look at the food.


I was told that a trip to California would not be complete unless I went to In n Out Burger. Luckily there was one right next to the airport. Truthfully it was not as glorious as I has expected it to be. Yes there was a secret menu and secret way of ordering things, however the food was less than extraordinary. The burger had a special sauce, much like the Big Mac sauce or thousand island dressing. I got my fries “well done” with cheese but they tasted like cardboard. Bummer that the food wasn’t as good as I expected. At least I experienced the In n Out burger but I think I will stick to Five Guys.


My favorite meal by far was the San Jose Mexicalli burger that I mentioned last time.


I did find a little cupcake shop to enjoy a mini cupcake experience.



That wraps up my food experience in San Jose and my trip to the West Coast.

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