101 In 1001: New Recipe

I have been working up my confidence in the kitchen. One of our favorite recipes is for an enchilada casserole that involves frying the tortillas which ends up taking forever. After finding a recipe for what seemed like a slight variation of our family favorite casserole I decided to give it a try last night. Essentially the casserole was the same flavors but no labor intensive frying. It was a success.

My goal when going to the grocery store this week was to be smarter and plan meals that use the same ingredients so that they don’t go bad or become wasted on just one recipe. Since one of the menu items was the chicken casserole from last night I decided to try chicken pot pie. The recipe came from Pinterest but I used a pre frozen crust. Overall it turned out really good, even though the juice oozed out a little bit. Here is my finished pie.


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