Do you know the way to San Jose?

This week I have been in San Jose for a trade show for work. I was a little nervous, as I typically am when visiting new places, however overall the experience was a good one. A story is only as good as the pictures that go with it so I will let my camera do the talking…


I spent most of my first day getting myself acclimated to San Jose and soaked up as much of the surroundings as possible. Most of the downtown area was in a state of transition as they were beginning to decorate for the upcoming holiday season after thanksgiving.


The main mode of my transportation for the week was by foot as well as with the public transportation.


There was also a cute flower shop on the corner along with an old theater.



One of my favorite was this little cafe across from the convention center. I pretty much die for anything striped, and the black and white awnings were beautiful to me.

Of course there were a ton of great places to eat but I figured I should wait and do that in a post by itself. For now, here’s a teaser of the best burger I had in California. It was the Mexicali burger and had mango guacamole, Swiss cheese, toasted bun, and home made potato chips. Freaking delicious!


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