101 in 1001 Update: October

During October I accomplished the following goals:

#73: Date a month: Conner and I went on a Date night to dinner and a movie. Fall is very hard for us to take a break for date nights with school, work and football. Luckily we had a double date night in the fact that we only had a few hours on multiple nights so we just split up our activities for the weekend. One night was the dinner, the next was the movie.

#10: Invite people over for dinner: We had the inlaws come over for a fall themed dinner a few weeks ago. Conner cooked up some chicken and I made an apple dumpling reciepe that I found on Pinterest. The apples were awesome, filled with brown sugar/butter goodness.

#12: Girls Night: This past weekend was my sororities 100 year celebration of being chartered. Truthfully the whole weekend was girls weekend, but especially Friday night when we went for margs at our college Mexican restaurant. Spending 4 years with those ladies, and then fostering relationships with them even after graduation makes me so happy. I am so glad I went Greek and I will always have such fond memories of my time in school. I love even more that being Greek doesn’t stop at Graduation but rather continues afterwards into more of a volunteering and advisory role.

#52: Volunteer 101 hours: This month I volunteered with both the Junior League at the Nearly New Thrift Store and for Alpha Chi.

#67: Try 30 new recipes. I made the Banana Bread as I mentioned earlier as well as the apple dumplings. I am not very good at cooking, but I do love to bake.

That is it for October. On to November, the month of family, business, travel, and holiday prep.

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