Home Decorating: Gallery Wall

Random Ramblings is the name of the game on this fine Wednesday. Who doesn’t love a good pinterest-inspired project? I have seen the gallery wall affect for a while in home decorating but have had a hard time 1) figuring out how to make a gallery wall 2)finding the perfect space. I finally decided on a space in my crafting corner of our house. I wanted to display some of my favorite photographs along with some of my scrapbooking memory pages. To hang everything, I measured it all on wax paper and then taped the wax paper to the wall. I had the paper tapped to the wall for about a week as I tried to figure out if I liked the layout. I really just wanted to avoid putting unnecessary holes into the wall. After taping, rearranging, and re-framing some pictures I had a wall of memories to display. Here is the final result of my wall gallery.

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