Let them eat cake

Our cakes were absolutely perfect. I am not just saying that out of a bias because my mom made them, but they were better than I could have ever dreamed. Allow me to explain. My family made the flowers by hand for the cakes. My mom stayed up until the wee hours of the morning working on them to make sure they were perfect for the wedding day. They turned out absolutely stunning, all seven layers of fun-fetti goodness. Yes, that is right, the cake was made of fun-fetti. I can’t wait to eat that ten months from now for our 1 year anniversary.

As for the grooms cake, I picked this out for Conner, he had no idea. Conner proposed to me on a lighthouse so they now hold a pretty special place in our heart. I wanted something for the groom’s cake that would completely surprise him and really test my mom’s skills ;). We tossed around the ideas of an astronaut themed cake, Tech Tower, or even something Yellow Jacket related. Ultimately my mom and I decided on the lighthouse. I think it turned out wonderful, especially since my mom made it look just like the ornament we got when Conner proposed. I also love that mom surprised me and had a real light at the top of the lighthouse!

As if both a grooms and a wedding cake weren’t enough, I was dead set on having a cupcake bar, too. This was such a fun thing for everyone where they could put as much, or as little, of the toppings and icing as they wanted. We had strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and even some allergy-friendly cupcakes. We also put them in little to-go containers so they could take one for the road!

Along with the theme of the lighthouse, my family surprised me by making little chocolate lighthouses for the cupcake bar. So precious. Thanks Mom and Dad for making those for us! You really know how to make a girl feel special on her wedding day.

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