Wedding Pictures: Pre Ceremony

Our family shots were taken before the wedding. Conner and I wanted to keep the tradition of not seeing one another before the ceremony. We wanted to go ahead and get our family pictures taken before the ceremony in order to maximize our time with our guests. Conner’s family took their pictures in the lobby of the hotel while my family snuck off to a glass walkway that was connected to the building.

There was a bit of down time as we both finished our pictures and then waited for our cue to head into the ceremony. Conner recalls staring out the window as the guests walked in and waving frantically hoping people would see him. I love this picture of Conner and his grandma before the ceremony. It is funny to see this picture because it was almost like she was saying “Yes, your getting married!”. Lover her, and him.

The girls and my family waited in the hallway and caught some great shots as we just waited. This was actually a very funny moment because my boss turned down the hallway so that was my first moment of seeing our guests and it was awesome to begin seeing the faces of the special people that were there to celebrate with us. The other thing that was really funny was that I had a family handkerchief that I kept on me during the day. Obviously the logical choice was to keep it near my chest. My dad of course kept me laughing!

All photos from Natosha Ledbetter Photography.

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