Wedding Pictures:: Getting Ready

Our wedding day will be one of my favorite days for the rest of my life. I just love that we have so many wonderful photos to document such a special time in our lives. I hope you enjoy these photos and posts as much as we did both during the day and after. There were so many moments and details that made the day memorable. Truthfully I don’t expect anyone to read these posts. These are for my own benefit to document the events of the day as they will be come only a faint memory as time goes on. So enjoy my special recap if you are reading this.

First began our wedding day by getting ready with our guys and girls. The girls went to the nail salon and then met back up at the bridal suite to spend the day getting ready. Conner spent the morning getting a professional barber haircut and watching sports at Taco Mac with the guys. Our getting ready pictures took place after both of the off-site activities happened.

While getting ready, I got anxious and couldn’t sit any longer so I headed out to the ceremony area to check on our day of coordinator. I just wanted to make sure everything was happening as planned. It was also the first time I had seen the flowers Conner’s mom did for the wedding. I had seen some of the flowers in the days leading up to the wedding as I helped wrap some of them, however I had not seen the completed arrangements. I was completely blown away when I walked into the ceremony area and saw the flowers. I just started tearing up in excitement that everything was coming together as planned and they were just so beautiful. I am so thankful for Conner’s mom for putting in the many hours and love that it took to make my vision a reality.

As we were leading up to the wedding, I bought some supplies for a “wedding day survival kit” Conner laughed at me saying what’s the use and why waste money.

Well everything in both our basket and the guy’s basket came in handy that day, even the super glue. When the moment came to put my dress on, the moment was quickly taken from tears to laughter as my sister full on broke her shoe. I just stood there; dress half-on, while Katie super glued her shoe back together.

After getting dressed and before heading out to get our pictures made, we had the pastor come in for a quick prayer. I loved being there, in that moment, and just soaking in the fact that the special group of women and family standing there with me provide so much strength and joy to my life.

All pictures are from the talented Natosha Ledbetter Photography.

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