101 in 1001: September Update

September has been a great month. We have been in our house for a full month and we are finally starting to get into a routine. This is important to me because a routine means there is order in my life. Order equals less chaos. Our house is starting to feel like our home, so that is also nice. Here is an update of what I have been up to over the past month and how I have progressed in my 101 in 1001 project.

13.   Have a double-date with friends once every other month (3/16): We welcomed our first dinner visitors this month with an impromptu homemade-pizza making party. Now, homemade pizza’s are a Sheppard tradition in the fact that it was the go-to meal my family would prepare because everyone could create their pizza just the way they wanted. I thought it would be fun to have our double date night incorporate this fun activity!

52.   Volunteer 101 hours (11/101): I enjoyed getting to volunteer this month in two different capacities. The first was with my home chapter of AXO where I helped with Recruitment. The second capacity was with the Junior League of Atlanta Nearly New store. Both were great experiences of getting to hang with new and old friends. Volunteering is good for the soul.

33.   Legally change my name: Done!

53.   Surprise someone. (with a visit, flowers, something nice) & 54.   Write 10 handwritten letters (7/10): My little sister just joined a sorority so I thought she might enjoy a surprise Greek-filled package.

67.   Try 30 new recipes (7/30): Whoopie Pies , Chicken Enchiladas, and Baked Ziti. The Whoopie Pies were a success. The Enchiladas, not so much.  The recipe called for Ranch dressing, which I hate, so I switched it for blue cheese dressing. Needless to say the blue cheese was to overpowering and did not taste good. The baked ziti recipe on the other hand was fantastic. I switched the tomato sauce for white canned sauce and it tasted SO good. The Whoopie Pies and Baked Ziti were recipes from Pinterest, while the Chicken Enchiladas was from a cook book.

86.   Set up 401K: Done!

That was a lot of progress for one month. Now to enjoy the first weekend of October with what is supposed to be Fall-like weather!

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