Cha cha cha changes

Our official marriage license came in the mail last week so it was time to officially become a Volpe, legally that is. My family and I play a game called “Spot the Sheppard”. Basically the idea is to identify exactly where all my name is located. I have been a little overwhelmed by how much stuff my name is actually on. Because of this overwhelming situation, I built up the whole name changing process as a big ordeal. I have been pleasantly shocked at how easy it has been to change my name. The process is just starting but it hasn’t been bad. I am usually not so pessimistic but I have researched name changes and have heard so many horror stories so I took the “expect the worst” route. The social security and DMV were actually very helpful and speedy during the whole process.  I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the government people were and what I thought would take four hours only took two. I consider that a success, along with knowing the big name changing snowball is rolling and will be completely official in the coming weeks. Here’s to crossing more “Sheppard” locations off the list.

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