Flower Power

Conner’s Mom and I went to the florist wholesale this week to purchase the flowers for the wedding! Now, we traveled to the florist a few months ago, however it was nothing like I expected. I expected to walk into a huge cooler with beautiful flowers and friendly people. This was not the case. The first florist we went to was exactly that, a florist. They had two sprigs of flowers and everything was made to order. Don’t get me wrong, the place was nice with their signage and cute little shop, but it wasn’t the warehouse that I had built up in my mind. That day we ran out of time to go to other places but we did accomplish our goal of solidifying a plan for all of the flowers.

Since this was not going to be the place where we bought the flowers, Ms. Jenny ventured out to find other locations therefore she found this wholesale place and journeyed there by herself. I received a text from her saying this wholesale place was where we should have gone all along. Bummer for not being able to join!

Luckily, this week was the date we needed to order the flowers so I was able to travel with her to the florist. The cooler was beautiful and smelled wonderful! Everything was arranged by flower type and color.  I had no idea there were so many options. There was even a separate cooler just for exotic plants and trees. This place was wonderful and the people were very friendly. We pick up our flowers next week and then the Volpe crew will spend the days leading up to the wedding working on the flowers. I have seen mock ups of how everything will look so I cannot wait to see it all in real life

I think the best thing about knowing the wedding is next week is that the year we have spent planning, pulling together ideas, working on details, and making sure everything is right, will come to fruition next week. As much as I love planning things, my favorite part of any event or project is seeing everything play out according to plan.


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