365 days later….


365 days ago I said “yes” to becoming the future Mrs. Conner Volpe and now I have only 19 days until that actually happens. I love this picture so much because it shows all of the emotion and love that was present in those moments that have become a part of our love story. Today is special, just the same, as we are moving our things into our “married abode”. Two worlds worth of memories and stuff are being packed in order to merge into a home that is representative of us as a family.  Tears were shed today, just like 365 days ago, but this time the tears were from Conner as he trashed his massive collection of beer and manly movie posters. Oh well, things change 🙂 It is the small victories that show that compromise will be present and more memories are on the horizon.  Here’s to the next 19 days.

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