101 in 1001: July Update

Time is flying over here I tell ya! I haven’t really had time to breathe to tell you all about the exciting things going on, so here it goes:

Completed 101 in 1001 items for Late June/Early July:

29.   Transfer files from old computer. This was a task. Luckily I had a wonderful fiance who actually helped me achieve this goal. It was a lot of fun looking back through all of my memories, papers, pictures, and files from my college days. I realize that was only a few years ago, but it was still fun to reminisce a little and really made me miss the days of living with 30 of my sisters.

43.   Take a dance class. With our wedding closing in on us in a short 23 days, we decided to learn some new moves for our first dance. We have been to our first lesson and will have another one tomorrow. The lesson was really fun the first week as we were both learning dance moves we had never tried before with our private instructor. Hopefully the nerves will not get to us on the day of the wedding and we will be able to actually show off what we have learned.

50.   Pre-marital counseling through a Church. We finished our pre-marital mentoring sessions and really learned a lot about ourselves as a couple. There is always room for growth and the weekly lessons were a great way to provide us with a foundation for success in our marriage.

67.   Try 30 new recipes (4/30). I tried a new recipe a few nights ago. I was inspired by a picture I had seen on pinterest about ABC sandwiches. They were essentially pepper jack grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon and avocado. I did not include the apples like the recipe stated. I was shocked at how easy the recipe was and I am excited to have it again in the future! Check out a picture of the tutorial here.

(Photo via Jana Laurene)

72.   Read 15 books (5/15). I finished The Help. This book was very good and really painted a picture of what it was like to live life in Mississippi so many years ago. It made me thankful for how far we have all come. I am excited to see the movie when it comes out in August.

87. Create a financial plan with the hubby. Part of our pre-marital mentoring sessions were about setting up a financial plan for our family. Consider this plan done, however let’s see if we can stick to the budget we wrote out!

89.   Land a full-time job/career. If you have made it this far in the post, congrats. This has been one of the biggest things to happen over the past few weeks. I landed a career as a Marketing Manager and today was my first day! The new career will encompass many of my favorite things; marketing, social media, project management, presentations, and creativity. I couldn’t be any happier. So many changes are happening over the past few days and the next 23 days included. I feel like I am growing up so fast. Here’s to hoping I land on my feet.

(Picture via Mary Kate McDevitt )

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