Showered with Love

This past weekend we were showered with love by our family and friends. Conner’s family lives in a neighborhood where all of the families are best friends. They hang out together, party together, and truly live life together. They all came together to celebrate the first “cul-de-saq critter” to get married and welcome me into the neighborhood. One of the things I loved most about the night was the sweet toast that one of Conner’s neighbors gave: “Marriage is about the community you make around you. Your community is what makes your life complete”-Mr. Bilderback. The love they all have for one another is clear and is so inviting. Spending the evening celebrating with them was fantastic.

Now, my community is made up of my friends and family I have met throughout my lifetime. Most are in Gainesville, as that is where I grew up. Both my Gainesville friends, family, and even some of my Atlanta friends came together to shower me with love yesterday. Pictured here are the hostesses of my bridal shower yesterday. These ladies inspire me to no-end and are truly fabulous!

The ladies created such a beautiful shower, complete with delicious food and a cake-design trial. Yes I am 24 days away from the wedding and do not know what the cake will look like.

While opening presents, a wonderful surprise walked through the door. Conner came rolling in with flowers. What a surprise! I had no idea he even knew about the party but come to find out he was in touch with the fabulous ladies ahead of time. Ha ha.

The day was so much fun and filled with so many wonderful people. Conner and I were both very excited to play the “Newlywed Game” and score very high on answering questions about our relationships. I am lucky to be marrying a man who knows me so well.

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