Pre-Marital Mentoring

I have mentioned before about being paired with a wonderful couple from Buckhead Church for Pre-marital workshops.  We had such a great time getting to know this wonderful couple! They really challenged us and gave us some great tools to prepare for a lifetime of marital happiness.  We met tonight for a little wrap up at La Parilla to celebrate the successes That have come about over the last few months. Thank you Matt and Kimber for being such excellent role models to us and for giving us useful tools and examples of living as a family unit in a Godly way. image


I love this picture, too, because as we were leaving the restaurant we met this little old couple that needed help jumping their car. The man was 90 years old and just finished a triathlon a few weeks ago! His wife was so loving and supportive and couldn’t stop saying how proud she was of her 90 year old husband’s accomplishment. What a wonderful love story

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