Fun Times: Marriage License

July 14th, 2011 was a big day in many ways. The main notable one that I will share is that we got our marriage license! A simple trip to the Fulton County Probate Office turned into a jolly good time. For starters, we had to surrender my camera as soon as we walked through security. Boo for no “official” photos. Of course this did not stop me from capturing a few….shh don’t tell. Clearly the officials didn’t realize that smart phones have cameras so I snapped a picture quickly of Conner filing out our paperwork. The best question on the document had to have been “Are you related”. Yes they really have to ask that in Georgia. I might also add that while at the probate office we could have picked up a gun license in addition to marriage license. Wow.

Of course the photo is blurry and Conner is freaking out in the picture because he served as my personal no-photography enforcing officer during the visit. Boo for trying to follow the rules.

Once we checked out, they gave us this “helpful” little Getting married packet. Obviously all the logic is there that Marriage= needing to learn about HIV and AIDS. Finally when we were done, I say finally but it really only took 20 minutes, I retrieved my camera. As I grabbed my camera I spotted Sheree from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. After a mini freak out session I begged her for a picture. She was so sweet and obliged, even though she told me to hurry so that we wouldn’t get in trouble.

Here we are with our new license!

25 days to go until that thing is official and I can begin the process of visiting the Social Security office and other name-changes-needed business.

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