Countdown: 29 days to go

AHHH!!! 29 days to go. I get more and more excited every day. Realizing that the big day will be happening in 5 short weekends makes me giddy with excitement. With 29 days left to go, I figured I could update you on what is going on. Everything is kind of falling into place at this point. A year ago it felt funny starting to plan things and work on little DIY projects, but now I look back and think “I am glad I am not rushing around at the last minute getting that worked on”. I am sure there will still be some rushing, but my hope is that it will be organized chaos. So here is what we have been up to over the last 16 days.

-We finished our pre-marital mentoring sessions. We were so blessed to get to connect with a sweet-godly focused couple that helped us mature together over the past 8 weeks. We covered everything from communication tools, finances, intimacy, and family. The topics really helped us grow as a couple.

-My second dress fitting went well. I am so excited to see it come together. Next week is the final dress fitting. My mom will have the veil done so that I can see the whole “look”.

-We met with the pastor this morning along with went to get our marriage license! Hooray for things being official. I will write a whole other post about the marriage license because that was a whole other story!

-Our rings are ordered, engraved, and ready to be picked up. The pick-up part is a little hard since Conner and I wrote secret messages to each other on the rings.

-RSVP’s are continuing to roll in. We love seeing who all will be joining us and we love the sweet little words that are written on some of the RSVPs.

-Little things here and there have been done. Signage, menus, and special surprises for our guests. I get more excited everyday to share these special things with everyone.

That is it for now.

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